Best Project Management Software Packages of 2017


A lot of things that were done by humans in the past are carried out by hardware and software machines in the recent times. If not IT infrastructures, who are ones who can set better examples of how software applications can replace every next human in employment. But at the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that it has made our life much easier than before. One such area where software reigns off lately is Project management. If you are looking for some of the best software applications that can help you with project management, then we are here to help you, but not before you understand the importance of software in project management:


The significance of Project Management Software:

A lot of IT employees handle a lot of projects in a short span. Consuming a lot of work in a short span might decrease the efficiency of the person. At the same time, we wouldn’t recommend computerizing everything. All we are saying is that men and machines should coexist at the right proportion to make things better effective. No matter how many projects you handle, you will still be able to gain promptly say the percentage of completion, perfection of the project and the rectifications that are required. Now that you have heard enough let us get to know some of the best project management software packages that are available in the market as of 2017.


So were we talking about people requiring software packages in the recent times? This baby is a 90s kid. Basecamp is one the most loved software package that has been in existence since 1999. It takes care of managing your projects and your dealings with your clients. They are one of the earliest people to launch software that will take care of your mechanically, yet perfectly.

Zoho Projects:

Zoho Corporation is a software company that was founded in the year 1996. Again this is one of the earliest organizations to launch a proper software package that helped people in managing their projects effectively. With more than 25 million users requiring ZOHO on a daily basis, it has become the largest platform that helps people with multiple projects in a given time.


Are you looking for that one point that can manage your task, collaborate with your team, track the teammates and track the working hours as well? So here you have ActivCollab to do all those things for you. The pricing of the product is fair, in fact, a steal for the work it does. It is a flexible tool and helps you stay connected with your team always.


Wrike is relatively a new company that was launched in the year 2006. Their service to the customers is a decade old, and they have certainly managed to occur most of the software-lovers of the market. It is a SaaS product, that is Software-as-a-Service, that has all features that can work just like the way you want it to.

Teamwork Projects:

Teamwork Projects was initially a small scale development, which became a developed web-based software package later. It is quite unbelievable that with a market that is swarming with a lot of potential software makers, Teamwork Projects has managed to get into the hands of more than 3,70,000 companies across the globe which includes Disney, HP, and Spotify.